Kids With Anxiety

I know that there are others with kids that have some sort of anxiety, some may be more severe than others.  My son has anxiety!  Not everyone understands it or him, or why he reacts to certain situations the way he does.  Now his anxiety is not severe enough that he has to take medication for it, but it some situations it is apparent.  For instance, this past week when I was picking him up, I get down and wait for him, I saw it in his face that something was wrong.  Before I could even ask what was wrong, his hands are on his head and tears are starting to roll down his cheeks.  I kneel over and ask are you okay?  He nods, but then he tells me he forgot his lunch box. He knows thing should not bother him, sometimes people tell him he is over reacting, that maybe so but to him somethings are just that important to him. I tell him its okay you where going to buy lunch tomorrow anyways.  I know in my head that is not going to make him feel better.  SO I tell him go back inside and see if anyone can open the classroom for you.  He tells me he has to go to the front office.  We go, we wait in the line, then when I tell the person what we need she rolls her eyes and gives me the “Are you serious lady” look,  in my head I am YES I AM FOR REAL!!!! The phone rings, she mumbles something and points with her finger, not sure where.  So we go back outside, and I find the head office person.  I explained to her what happened, and before she could tell me to go to the office, I told her we did and that the lady in the office was very busy and dismissed us. She sees my sons face, tells us wait a minute, then comes back and takes him to get it.

If people only understood how something so minute can bother a person with anxiety, they would not be so mean and rude.  My older daughter on the other hand forgets things all the time and it does not bother her one bit.  If I would have left without that lunch box, it would have bothered him inside until the next day. Why would I want that for him, when it could be prevented.  Now there have been times when he has lost something or couldn’t find something and we have had to cope.  But when it is fixable, why not spare him the worry.  If people where not so quick to judge or react without thinking, and maybe try to understand that there is a reason why we took the time to ask to go get his lunch box, it would make it so much easier for those with anxiety.

As I have gotten older, I have learned that things are not always what they seem. There is always the other side of the story.  When we deal with people everyday, we only see the front that they want us to see, and some days its harder to put on a front than others.  So when someone you know or not, is quiet or serious, or just not themselves. Instead of judging or saying things behind their back, offer kind words like, hey am here if you need to talk, or just let them be.  And always try to understand that there is a reason why we all act the way we do. (now I get it there are people who are just nasty for no apparent reason, but that does not mean that everyone is like that) The day he forgot his lunch box, I was not trying to be difficult or a nagging mom, I was just trying to put my son at ease.  I feel like I should not have to explain to the world, Look my son has  is anxious, so can he please go get his lunch box so he can be at ease the rest of the evening.  Same goes for those that suffer from other disorders like depression, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, etc. There is this video on youtube video that really puts what I am trying to say into perspective

Stay at Home Momma


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